The Legend is Real

The first planned release from Searing Prose, The Bayou, was being developed as a feature film and the screenplay was well underway before the project was shelved for logistical reasons. Last June, I went further into detail on the origin of the story and the decisions that were made to put it on hold, over at my personal site: *Minor Spoiler Warning* The Further You Go, the Darker it Gets. (I recently saw a movie poster using that phrase as a tagline. Weird.)

The biggest thing I want to mention is that, so far, the story has been presented relatively cryptically in an ominous and foreboding manner. Which it is, but I want to point out that it isn’t a ‘killer gator’ sub-genre entry.

This is a completely new story that hasn’t been told before. There are stories out there that share slight similarities, but this exact story hasn’t been done yet.

There are a few books about detectives investigating a series of murders on the bayou, etc. Where there are clues and suspects that lead to a surprising culprit that turns out to be the killer. This isn’t one of them.

I’ll be refining the marketing with the intention of revealing as few spoilers as possible. And I’ll be working hard to ensure that your time isn’t wasted when you read it.

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