Hitting the Ground Running

Back when I was a kid, I used to go shopping with my mom a lot and it was super boring. It may or may not have been a mall or a grocery store. Either way, I would wander around until I ended up at the book section. Passing by all the lame romance novels, my eyes would light up when I found the mystery *cough*horror*cough* novels. They always had the scariest covers that would send me reeling. Such as:

But those were for adults, I presumed. And these were for the big kids:

A few years later I was well on my way through seeing every horror movie that my mom would let me rent from the video store. I couldn’t get enough of it and I needed something to keep me entertained on the bus rides from school.

They were great and everything, but there was always that one problem: The book was never as good as the cover promised it would be. Sad face.

Patterns and formulas were beginning to emerge and eventually they all just blurred together. Okay, maybe not Die Softly. That one was pretty effed up for it’s age range.

But look at those covers! They’re sooooo ammmaaazzziiinnnggggfjjdkeiorpw.

Then I got into adult horror, hoping there would be a breath of fresh air that would make me laugh at how immature I used to be.

They, however, turned out to be pretty boring too. Which left me wondering; What if a filmmaker, who’s spent more than half their life learning how to entertain the world through film, could bring that set of skills into the world of publishing and write something with a cover that keeps it promise?

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