About: Searing Prose

/'sǝɐrᴉng prosǝ/

1. A launching platform for filmmakers and screenwriters to gain exposure for their projects and interest from the film industry through publishing.

2. Literature so incendiary that the pages ignite.
Searing Prose was created out of frustration for the glacial pace that the film industry moves. It is an outlet for releasing the stories of developed films that are years away from production, if ever, in book form.

The stories began as screenplays and were adapted into books, as if it is the novelization of a movie, except the movie hasn’t yet been made.
That doesn’t mean the story isn’t worth telling. Film production is a highly complex process with many variables that have to be considered. Often a story will include elements that are too costly to justify their inclusion in the film and have to be cut from the script.

These are the stories presented as they were originally intended by the writer, before logistics, budgets,and audience quadrants are even considered.